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The Blurb

The Blurb
A Publication of Buckeye Divers Issued September, 2016

Buckeye Divers meet the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7:30 pm at Tommy’s Pizza 1350 W. Lane Ave. Columbus, OH 43221.

Our web site: http://www.buckeyedivers.net

Buckeye Divers meet on the second Tuesday of each month at Tommy’s Pizza, 1350 W. Lane Ave. Columbus, OH 43221.

Please note the new starting time of 7:30!

We have an Executive Meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month at one of the member’s homes.

Belize by Teresa Tierney
Belize Aggressor/Sun Dancer, August 25 – September 3, 2016

There is a proverb about two kinds of divers.  As our 10-days on the Belize Aggressor/Sun Dancer came to an end, I walked through the dive deck where wetsuits were drying in the breeze.  There is only one kind of diver on this trip.  They cannot lie about what they do in their wetsuits.

This has been a much needed vacation for George and I.  We lived up to the Aggressor’s tag line of eat, sleep, dive, repeat.  I got about 46 hours of diving, untold hours of sleep, and took advantage of the continual food choices.

There had been a hurricane a few weeks before our trip.  Many sites had an excess covering of sand that looked like confectioner’s sugar.  This often resulted in low visibility as you looked horizontally, although clear as you looked at the reef below.  Finding the boat at the end of the dive was aided by listening for the hum of the generators.  It was easy to find the boat at night since it was lit like a marquee.  We were unable to do shore activities due to clean up from the storm, such as a missing dock.

The water was warm.  When I jumped in for the first dive, I would have thought I was still in the open air… except I was floating.  Most wore skins or light dive suits.  George and a few others just wore bathing suits.

The reefs were beautiful with corals, fans, and fish.  The dive briefing usually went like this.  We are anchored HERE.  The wall starts HERE.  The sandy area is HERE.  Have fun.  The popular attractions were reef sharks, octopus, squid, eagle rays, sea horses, and turtles.  Some of the moray eel would swim free and look divers eye-to-eye (or camera).  People used to feed them lion fish.  The grouper were very friendly and seem to enjoy a gentle rub.  (Unless that is against the rules; then that never happened.)  One large grouper really took a liking to George.  I think she gave him her phone number.  We enjoyed exploring many swim throughs.

The dive limit was 110 feet, except for the Blue Hole.  We dove that on air to make the 130 foot drop to the stalactites.  The top 120 feet looked a bit like White Star Quarry.  The cave formation is evidence that the Blue Hole was once above ground for a very long time.

We had a spacious room with plenty of storage.  The crew was fun loving.  The other passengers were friendly.  In addition to the U.S., travelers were from Thailand, Italy, and Spain.  The red head said his family is from Egypt.

All said, it was a good trip. Thanks, George. Where to next?

Lake Michigan by Dennis LaRue
Pentwater, Michigan – Labor Day weekend, 2016

Wiley and Tracy went up on Thursday to do some extra sightseeing.  Doug, Ann, and I went up to the Grand Rapids area on Friday to spend the night with friends.  That may not have been a great idea because some of us didn’t get enough sleep.  The trio took off Saturday morning, stopping for breakfast on the way to Pentwater.

We all gathered at the Channel Lane Inn to drop off stuff before heading to the marina.  We had an 11am dock time and Captain Sean Williams met us at the boat, the Elixir.  We had 6 divers and a dive master along with the captain on a 27′ Boston Whaler so it was a little crowded.  Tracy wasn’t diving this weekend and the other two guys were walk-ons put together in a buddy team.

Our first dive was on the wreck of the Comanche, a 60′ tug in 90′ of water.  It was an interesting wreck, but the 36° water was cooler than expected but the 30′ vis was nice.  That certainly helped with the lack of sleep though!  There were some fish and lots of zebra mussels, as expected.  Our group was in dry suits, but the other 3 were in semi-dry.  The two walk-on guys didn’t bring gloves and couldn’t move their fingers after getting back on the boat.  The lake had just turned over, it was 20° warmer on the wrecks the previous week.

The boat provided sandwiches, chips, and water for the surface interval.  It was a very friendly operation.  Saturday’s second dive was on the stern section of the Novadoc, a 252′ steel freighter in 15′ of water.  The water was warmer so we were able to get in a longer dive.  Then it was a short boat ride back to the dock and a very short drive back to the motel.

The Channel Lane Inn was a very good choice.  Wiley and Tracy had a room with a kitchenette.  Doug, Ann, and Dennis had a 2 bedroom suite with full kitchen and living room.  We went to the Gull for dinner that night.  The food and live music were good.  The long wait for a table wasn’t.

Sunday started with a 9am dock time.  The two guys with cold hands didn’t make it, but a new guy was there and he dove with the mate.  The first dive was on the bow section of the Novadoc.  Conditions were similar to those on the stern so we were off to a good start.  We didn’t need a surface interval due to the 15′ depth so we had our sandwich on the way to the wreck of the Anna C. Minch.  This is a 380′ steel freighter in 40′ of water only a mile and a half south of Pentwater.  It was fairly broken up, having gone down November 11, 1940.

Doug and Ann took our 10 rental tanks back to the dive shop that afternoon while I stayed with the gear that was drying.  Our friends from Grand Rapids came by and we were looking forward to another long wait so Doug and Ann picked up dinner stuff on the way back.  Our room came with a gas grill somehow I ended up cooking the steaks, well-marbled ribeyes.  I’m a charcoal guy so I managed to “flame broil” the steaks.  Thank goodness for the marbling.

We had an 8am dock time on Monday because we wanted to get on the road as soon as we could.  We couldn’t get a late checkout (a very popular motel) so it was an early start to get all our stuff loaded up.  We were the only divers so Tracy came as a bubble watcher and Sean’s wife Brenda was there as mate.  The plan was to do both sections of the Novadoc on separate dives.

Unfortunately, lake conditions had changed.  There was a current caused by the stringer winds coming from the south.  That changed surface from very calm to fairly choppy.  The good part was the water was warmer.  The bad part was vis dropping down to 10′ at best with it down to 1′ in places.  Getting back on the boat was tougher too, the waves had picked up.  We decided to call it a day then so it was back to shore.  The trio loaded up Doug’s truck and hit the road.  Wiley and Tracy were staying an extra day so they took time to set their gear out to dry.

It was definitely a fun weekend and we would be happy to go back to the same boat and motel.

Shipwrecks & Scuba

October 15, 2016 at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky OH.

Make room reservation before September 15 to get the show rate which includes 4 tickets to the water park.
Call Kalahari directly at 877.525.2427 or 419.433.7200.

Robert Ballard at it again.
WW II aircraft carrier off California coast.

Darwin was right.
Coral spawning.

Exec Meetings
The August meeting was at the Smokehouse.  The weather was nice so we sat on the patio.  Our waitress was working on her Dive Master certification so that was a nice surprise.

Upcoming locations:

  • September 27 – Dennis’ place
  • October 25 – TBD
  • November 22 – TBD?, usually skip for Thanksgiving
  • December President’s party – TBD

2016 Dive Calendar
September Dates TBD Saint Clair River Run:
This trip has no charge for diving so your only costs are transportation, lodging and eating. The St Clair river is in Port Huron MI (about a 5 hour drive from the east side).  There is a pretty nice campground to stay at along with several budget motels.  This can be some of the clearest water you will dive in but is very weather dependent.  A south wind for several days will clear the water up but a north wind will make it very muddy so I always check the weather before departing.  Dive shipwrecks right from shore.  Dive flags are mandatory.  Leave Friday night and return Sunday night so no time off required.  Transportation is driving and sharing rides.

Winter Trip is January 2017
We’ll be at Anthony’s Key Resort between January 28 and February 4.  We have 14 people signed up for this one.  We’ll be doing 3 1-tank dives each day; 2 1-tank night dives that week; shore diving; 3 meals a day; plus a few other extras.  We have 5 deluxe at $2,438.31 per room and 2 superior at $2,355.01 per room.

For more info or to sign up for a trip please contact Doug Ballmann at dballmann@gmail.com

August 2016
Meeting Minutes by George Tierney
Buckeye Divers
Meeting Minutes – August 9, 2016
Meeting called to order by President Wiley at 7:53 PM at Tommy’s Pizza.

July Minutes – none.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Dave gave a complete report.

Dive Master Report (Doug)

  • Several divers were at Dive Hope last weekend at White star Quarry to benefit Breast Cancer.  There was lots of rain and lots of divers.  Vis was about 5-15 feet and 55° F water temperature.  Dennis had mask problems and he also won a trip to the Philippines. 🙂
  • Labor Day weekend trip to Michigan – we will be diving Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Monday morning.  Dives should be in the 70 to 100 feet range.  All tanks need to be O2 clean for nitrox.  We have a 1 two bedroom suite for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Drive home Monday after diving.
  • September – St. Clair River trip. Dates to be determined.
  • Roaten / Antony’s Key is scheduled for January 28 thru February 4, 2017.  Rooms are booked for 14 people.  Those going need to add some $ to their deposits.

Old Business

  • None.

New Business

  • Executive Meetings – fourth Tuesday of each month.
    August – Barley’s Smokehouse on Route 33.     September – Dennis’ place.


  • None.


  • Wiley provide some good information on malaria in Honduras.

O’Roark Award

  • Dennis’ story on his problem mask dive at White star.
  • Ann lost her minutes from July.

Ann wins.

50/50 raffle

  • $7 to Darrell, $8 to Treasurer.

Darrell made a motion to adjourn; Dennis 2nd the motion; meeting adjourned at 8:39PM.

President Wiley Manning
Vice President Ann Kensler
Secretary George Tierney
Treasurer Dave Howell
Divemaster Doug Ballmann
Blurb Editor Dennis LaRue