Most people don’t live a chaotic life. They establish routines that help keep them grounded and in touch with reality. Most people include daily routines in their life in order to make things more seamless and allow them to function better as people.

For many of us, our daily routines consist of going to work and then home again, cooking the daily meals, and taking care of our kids. Routine helps us to feel more comfortable in life and to always feel secure. Routine fosters trust, intimacy, and stability in life. Routines should be part of all of our lives and when things get chaotic, then planning new additions to your routine is in your best interest.

But what happens when the routine becomes mundane and boring? Then it’s time to add some new routines that will give you a sense of variety and adventure. Take children as an example. If both you and your children are getting tired of the same old same old, then maybe you should involve the grandparents in taking care of them for awhile. This will give you a chance to get away with your significant other and reignite the passion that started your family in the first place.

Think of the many ways that you can use the change in routine to your advantage.

  • A relaxing getaway at a five star hotel?
  • A long walk followed by a sauna treatment?
  • Catching a movie?
  • A romantic meal at a special restaurant?
  • A exciting event you’ve been wanting to attend?

The possibilities to make other events part of your routine is limited only by your amount of time. money, and imagination. Most people can afford to spend some money on themselves that serves to better their life in some way. As a personal goal, try to think of what you can include in your life, what you can add to your routine, that will significantly improve your quality of life.

You may find that through incorporating additional activities and elements into your routine, that you live a healthier and more fulfilling existence. Take your nutritional choices for example. We all eat as part of our daily routines, each and every day. Discovering new meals that entice your palette may take a little work, but consider the benefits to your life! Meals that agree with you and your family can bring a whole new world of physical happiness and opportunity.

You can also simply decide to «take breaks» from ordinary routines so they don’t get boring. For example, if you walk around the block every day of the week, then take a break from it when it seems to get boring. You may find that in a few weeks you feel like taking that afternoon walk again. Some say spontaneity is what makes relationships special, but we all know that routines are the webs we weave that holds everything together.