A high gas bill is a major enemy to your personal finances so learn how to spend less on transportation. With gas prices reaching all time highs, transportation becomes a very expensive activity. However, our daily lives are so mobile that even if we try really hard, we won’t be able to cut transportation completely. But actually there is no need to.

There are many small tricks to save money on transportation and here are some of them:

Cut all unnecessary trips.

Let’s start with the obvious – the less you travel, the less you spend on gas. Cutting unnecessary trips can save tons of money and due to the high gas prices recently, many people have already resorted to that tactic.

Combine trips.

One of the ways to cut trips you can avoid is to combine them. For instance, if you must go to the city to see a doctor and to get quotes from an agent, do it on one day instead of going to the city twice – once for the visit to the doctor and once for the visit to the agent.

Share a trip with friend/neighbors.

It might be much more convenient to drive on your own and not to depend on somebody else but sharing trips with friends/neighbors is a way to cut transportation costs, so do it whenever you can.

Use public transport.

If public transport is available in the area you live or work and it is cheaper to use it, adjust your schedule so that you can use public transport and do it. However, have in mind that public transport is not necessarily cheaper, so make your calculations first.

Forget about taxis.

Taxis are very expensive and unless there is an emergency, you’d better forget about taxis. Fees vary but very often a taxi costs 5-10 times more than your expenses for gas for the same distance.

Buy gas with coupons.

Coupons and discounts are another way to get the same amount of gas and pay less. Just don’t store surpluses, unless you have the facilities for this because there is a risk of explosion.

Get a HHO kit.

Hydrogen cars and hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular and even though a car, which runs only on hydrogen is impractical for now, there are water fuel cells, which allow to use hydrogen together with gas, thus helping you to decrease your gas expenses.

Avoid city driving.

Most cars consume more gas when you drive them in the city. This is not surprising – in cities you drive slowlier, there are traffic congestions, etc. and as a result your car consumes more gas.

Maintain your car.

When your car is not in top shape, it consumes more gas. So, keep your tires filled to their proper pressure, regularly check the engine and perform all the necessary maintenance tasks, which are required in order to use gas efficiently.

Walk more.

Walking and riding a bike are two more alternatives for using your car less. Walking and biking are not only cheaper but they are also much healthier, so walk and bike whenever you can.

Transportation is very expensive but fortunately there are many ways to save. Some of the measures for saving money on transportation could be considered a little painful but if you want to keep your personal budget in order, you need to do them. Even if gas prices fall down, transportation is still a major expense, so every cent you can save on it is welcome.